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We Buy Timeshares

You want to get rid of your timeshare

You want to stop the continuing high fees

You want freedom
You don't want a scam

You don't want to pay us until after you're free
That's fine with us

Well, we want your money
but only after you're free

Maybe this will work for you

Here's how a timeshare donation works

  • You choose a title escrow closing company.
  • You deposit their fee (usually about $400) in their escrow account.
  • You deposit our $500 service fee in their escrow account.
  • Only after the deed is in our name and you are FREE do they send the deed and our fee to us.
  • We send you a fully legal IRS donation receipt for $5,000.
  • If they can't do it, they send all your money back to you.

Why can we accept timeshare donations this way?

  • We are a non-profit charity.
  • We don't resell your timeshare.
  • We don't use or even rent your timeshare unless it's available in the year of donation.
  • We hold title in our name for 36 months before we offer it back to the resort.
  • The resorts send their bills to us, just like you.
  • We pay them when we can, just like you.
  • If we can't, the resort sends us to collection and ruins our credit, just like you.
  • Without selling it we get nothing in the deal.
  • We accept a $500 cash donation from you to do this service.
  • You're FREE. We get $500. The resort complains and gets title back in 36 months.
  • The IRS says you get a full $5,000 donation credit if we keep it for 36 months and if you're in a 25% tax bracket you'll get $1,250 back as a tax refund.

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NEW - We accept mortgage donations.
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