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Trigger Point Therapy Tools

AussieBodyToolAussie Body Tool -(MSRP $39.95)

The Aussie Body Tool is based on a therapy using tools found in nature over thousands of years. It is similar to other products on the market but superior in it's applicability. The tool is designed to allow it's use in areas and directions not normal for similar tools available. The large hook is designed to fit almost all patients in almost every part of the body. The tool does come with an instructional CD in the box. However, once a person knows and understands the feel of TPs and their self care, a little imagination can do a lot for using this tool. Additional detailed instructions are available in the Trigger Point CD below.

Essentially an Aussie Body Tool is a tool developed to use a rounded point or knob of a stick to press into the muscle instead of the hands and fingers. This is much easier on the hands and allow reaching places on the body not easily reached by hand for self care.

There are various commercial versions available but the one thing you want is a large hooked end with a solid rounded end at that end. It's very good to have some type of handle available on the other end to help hold the tool steady and to grasp with the hands without having to grip hard and long on the shaft of the tool. This tool has the other end curved for both use as a tool in itself and for easier grip and control.

The one we recommend is pictured here. It is covered with a light foam so that the grip is tight without having to be very strong and it's easy on the hands. The hook is large enough to get around almost any body to those impossible to reach places. The curve at the other end allow the use of an elbow, forearm, hip, hand or whatever to be used to apply force without actually having to grip the tool (this is described in detail on the CD that comes with it.). The space from tip to tip is approximately 18" allowing use by even large people. One final design characteristic is that the over all tool lines up straight end to end to make is useable on either side of the body by either hand. This allows the tool to be used at much more comfortable angles and to be used while reclining or laying down that other tools do not provide.

TPToolApartTPToolWholeHand Tool - (MSRP $14.95)

This hand tool is simply made. If you are handy with wood you can make one yourself by viewing this pictures here. The parts are simple to find at any hardware or lumber yard.

If you don't want to make your own, this tool works great for both self care and treating others. The tool actually comes in two parts so that it can be put easily into a pocket, purse or bag and then assembled when needed. This tool is found no where else since we make them ourselves.

Tennis Balls - We don't sell tennis balls here. But they are one of the easiest and greatest self care tools you can find. Look in any store. Buying a package of three is normal. Put one in your car, your purse and at home or at the office. Believe us, once you become familiar with it's use you'll make sure you always have one handy.

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