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Public Trigger Point Seminars

Public seminars are provided free to the public or organization requesting the seminar. The only cost is generally for the location (if any cost) and transportation to and from the location for the speaker. Most locations in eastern Los Angeles County and northern Orange County, CA. do not include a transportation cost.

Any organization, company, club or group which will not be charging the attendees may request and schedule a seminar. Requests must be in writing.

Topics include:

The goal of this seminar is to provide a working knowledge and experience to all those in attendance so that they can do self care after leaving the seminar.

The difference between this and the professional seminar is focus and material.

In the public seminar the presentation is very simplistic while there is more emphasis on hands on training for self care. Each participant usually goes through the actual experience of doing self care in some form or another while in the seminar. Most participant have an opportunity to ask for specific body region care pertinent to their own problems.
In the professional seminar the presentation is more advanced in clinical terms, application of TPT within a practice setting and use of TPT in patient care. Each participant is given an opportunity to feel a TP but no self care training is given. Demonstrations of pertinent patient care (positioning, hand tools and patient management) are done. Most questions and answers will revolve around these issues.