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Trigger Points for the Professional

All information on this web site is given in simple to understand terms and explanations. Public information as different from professional information is related to what the general public wants to know "Can TP Therapy help what I have?". Professional information on the other hand is more concerned with the background understanding of the overall topic such as examination, reporting, prognosis and physiology of TPs. Don't let this deter you from reading all you find interesting. All of it's presented for easy understanding.

When I went to medical school we were told in the first semester that we would learn 10,000 new words before we graduated. I was skeptical but it ended up being true. To the best of our ability we have translated "doctor speak" into "easy speak" so that even other doctors will understand it. One of the primary guiding principles of CHT, Inc. is to bring information to the public in terms it can understand and use. Please enjoy and use what you find here.