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Pain Relief for the Mid-Back
Body Region: Posterior Thoracic (mid-back)
Conditions Associated with TPs: Upper back pain, Sprain / Strain, frozen shoulder, chest pain
General Symptoms: Upper back pain
Common Causal Activities: Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) or following trauma
Anatomy Picture:
Self Care:

Good results are gained with a hooked tool by placing the hooked part on the spine and pulling the tool forward. A very good therapy is tennis ball therapy. See Detailed Instructions.

Make sure you check for subscapular TPs.

Therapist Care: There are two sections of the thoracic paraspinals to treat - those close to the spinous processes (knob on the back) and those over the ribs. For those in close use a double thumb flat press with the length of the thumbs parallel with the spine to scan but NOT treat the TPs. Press so that you can feel the spinous processes against the side of your thumb. Move your thumbs about two to three inches each time traveling down one side of the spine to about T12 and up the other side. For those just outside this region use the same technique, a three or four finger gripped pressure or have the thumbs parallel to the ribs, depending on where you are working. Once a TP is found use a double thumb post technique to save your own thumbs from wear.
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