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Pain Control Without Drugs
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Pain Relief for the Fingers and Hands
Body Region: Fingers and Hands
Conditions Associated with TPs: Sprain / Strain, arthritis, surgery, fracture
General Symptoms: Pain in the palm region
Common Causal Activities: Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) or following trauma
Anatomy Picture:
Self Care: Pinching the thumb and fingers works best between the metacarpal bones which are the long bones in the webbing of the palm and back of hand.
Therapist Care: Same as self care
Special Notes: Most often the pain is in the base of the thumb from prolonged gripping. The muscles actually located in the hand are not for gripping or extending the fingers. They are for spreading the fingers out or closing them up side by side. The thumb is the most used hand muscle pulling toward the fingers or palm. Generally pain felt in the hand is a referred pain from the forearm where the actual finger muscles are located.


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