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Pain Relief for the Diaphragm
Body Region: Diaphragm
Conditions Associated with TPs: "Side Ache", Hiccups, Abdominal pain
General Symptoms: Pain in the side following exertion, hiccupping
Common Causal Activities: Exercise (running especially), unknown for hiccups
Anatomy Picture:
Self Care: Making a hook out of your fingers, raise your chest wall (the ribs) and hook under the ribs and pull up under the ribs. Use the other hand to help push the fingertips under the ribs. If you sit in a chair with arms you can place your hook hand on the arm rest and drape your rib cage over the fingers. Using a hook tool is very good. See Detailed Instructions. Remember that the ribs go all around from front to back but are only accessible in the front and side.
Therapist Care: Two techniques are available. First you can have the patient lying on their back, stand near the shoulder facing the legs, hook your fingers under the ribs and use both hands to pull your fingers under the ribs on the side you are standing. Second you can stand near the hip, face the opposite shoulder and use a double thumb post to push up under the ribs on the opposite side.
Special Notes: For a "Side Ache" this has been an almost universal self care but with little knowledge of why until now. For hiccups the principle is that the hiccupping is an intermittent spasm of the diaphragm. By using TPT in some cases it can be relieved.


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