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Pain Control Without Drugs
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Pain Relief for the Shoulder & Deltoids
Body Region: Shoulder & Deltoids
Conditions Associated with TPs: Sprain / Strain, overuse (RSI), trauma
General Symptoms: Pain in the joint area, front of shoulder, deltoid muscle area
Common Causal Activities: Trauma, excessive prolonged joint rotation, typing, driving, prolonged stress of holding the arm up, outward or forward
Anatomy Picture:
Self Care:

Use the hook tool or the fingers of the opposite hand held in a hook shape and pull the fingers into the muscle. Pinch or squeeze the muscle between the thumb and fingers. Squeeze the shoulder with the fingers at the back and the thumb in front as you use the thumb to press into the TP in the front of the shoulder. For the use of a specific tool see Detailed Instructions.

A relaxing was is to lie on your side with the painful shoulder up. Put a pillow under your head to support and stabilize it. Set the back of the treating hand under the chin to lock it in place with the thumb pointing toward the ceiling. Have the elbow about level with the forehead but resting on the bed. Drape the painful shoulder and arm over the top of the thumb so that the TP rests on top of the thumb. Now just relax and let gravity do the work for you.

Therapist Care: See self care.
Special Notes:  


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