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No information is generated without a tremendous background of knowledge gleaned from others. We wish to give credit to those that have given information into the public arena for use by all others. Much of what is generated in this web site is copyrighted by CHT. Inc. but many of the individual parts were gained from other sources. Here is a list of those we wish to acknowledge and who we believe to be the rightful owners of some of the individual illustrations, quotes and bits of material herein.

Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction - The Trigger Point Manual
Janet G. Travell, MD and David G. Simons, MD
Reprinted 1984 by Williams & Wilkins - Baltimore / London

The Extremities
John H. Warfel, Ph.D.
Reprinted 1981 by Lea & Febiger - Philadelphia, PA, USA

The Head, Neck and Trunk
John H. Warfel, Ph.D.
Reprinted 1985 by Lea & Febiger - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Color Atlas of Surface Anatomy
Kenneth M. Backhouse, MRCS and Ralph T. Hutchings, MRCS
Published 1896 by Wolfe Medical Publications, Ltd. - Weert, Netherlands

Color Atlas of Anatomy
Johannes W. Rohen, Dr. med. h. c. and Chihiro Yokochi, MD
Reprinted 1984 by F. K. Schattauer Verleg GmbH - Stuttgart, Germany and
Igaku-Shoin, Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan

Textbook of Medical Physiology
Arthur C. Guyton, MD
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The Merck Manual
Robert Berkow, MD, Editor-in-Chief
Published 1987 by Merck& Co., Inc. - Rahway, NJ, USA

National Fibromyalgia Association