Community Health Training, Inc.
A Federal Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to bringing no and
low cost health care information to both professionals and the public

Pain Control Without Drugs
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Community Health Training, Inc.
Community Health Training, Inc. is a federally mandated non-profit organization dedicated to bringing health care information and training to the community for free or at minimal cost. If you are interest in receiving a tax write off for a donation please check here.

It does not provide health care. Through it's trainers, all volunteers, it puts on workshops and seminars for the public in those areas in which the trainer is expert. On occasion it provides similar seminars to other health care professionals. At present those seminars are only held in the Southern California area. However, the information on this web site may be helpful to anyone anywhere.

This web site is copyrighted.
However, permission for the use and reproduction of any material herein for private or professional use is granted so long as the CHT, Inc. and this web site are acknowledged in writing or display with it's use with the material used.
No commercial use for any of this material is granted.

Currently this web site is populated with information regarding:
Non-drug control of pain through Trigger Point Therapy

Future plans include:
Diet for weight loss
Nutrition for a healthier lifestyle
Simple yet effective exercise for any age
Work in partnership with your doctor
Getting the most from physical rehab
Living with stress
Elder care

Contact may be by mail or e-mail:
2360 Corporate Circle, Ste. 400
Henderson, NV 89074-7744
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