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About CHT

Community Health Training, Inc. was created and began operations in 2007. The founding members, Charlotte Andrew and Dr. Ken Rich, worked together to create an ability to share Dr. Rich's training and experience in patient care centered around Trigger Point Therapy with both public and professional people.

Since then thousands of professional and non-professional people have learned the simple process of trigger point therapy and it's ability to help control pain without drugs. Seminars have been taught in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Hawaii. For medical professionals, hundreds received authorized Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit for their relicensing requirements.

In 2017 Dr. Rich retired from active promotion and travel associated with CME seminars. The knowledge is there, but the stress, organization and accreditation associated with traveling every week each month became more than he accepted. Local seminars in Southern California are still provided to any organization, health provider group, or public service contacting us at the below email address. Phone contact can be made at (562) 694-8060 for message delivery.

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